Chapter 115
Chapter 115

Yong Yong

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Master and Blow continue to fight the Tower magicians. Blow remembers how he has a low mana supply, meaning he probably can't fight forever. He also wishes to go to Lidusis's location as soon as possible. Blow tells Master to run, and that this is probably all just a misunderstanding. Mikel awakens an joins in the fight. Within a smoke of dust, Master switches with Blow as Blow unawakens back into Rood, who then escapes with the help of the Hereis who have come to intervene. With Master and the Hereis tied up, he orders his subordinates to find and capture Blow. Rood is seen nearby beside Chevel, he then remembers how Master told him the Tower is after HIM. Without any further thoughts, he takes off his cloak and says they should get to Lidusis' location.

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