Chapter 114
Chapter 114

Yong Yong

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Before Lispen can say what he wanted to say, he is hauled off by the Tower's magicians. Before he leaves, he tells Lidusis how he feels relieved that he is safe, and while doing so, he smiles. This shocks Lidusis, as he has never in his life seen him smile before.

Master continues to walk with the Tower's magicians as Mikel asks him how he feels about going to the Tower again after so long. Instead of answering, Master requests that he will co-operate as long as the Tower doesn't do anything to anyone else. Mikel responds with an unfavorable response, going as far as to attacking Master. Before Mikel can do any serious damage, Blow comes in an breaks his staff.

The Hereis are nearby as they observe the scene unfold. They seem to have slipped away by telling the Tower's magicians that they have all gone into the Hadelio carriage due to fatigue. They then comment on how they will help Blow because he has helped them in the recent past.

The Tower have decided to capture both Blow and Master, and the two fight back.

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