Chapter 113
Chapter 113

Yong Yong

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Diorook continues to cry as he begins to explain to Blow that the power Rubymonter was talking about was in fact his, but was given to her to inherit. He also explains that Blow could possibly be the king, the king of demons.

Orphell is notified by Deon that he has reported the incident to the empire. Soon, Orphell ponders about Opion's Master, more specifically, about this past. He recalls hearing about Master joining the Magician's Tower with sheer strength alone, and rose up the ranks within an unimaginably short period of time. He then says that Master left it all behind when he messed up on a ritual. After this thought of his, he remember's Master's name, Keilnode Chrishi. This leads him to think of Rood Chrishi, who possesses the same, uncommon last name. He then tells Deon to gather all the teachers.

Iel and Lidusis are sitting together as other schoolmates gossip about them. Lidusis' brother then goes up to him and tells him to stay put as he looks for Marquis to ask if they can go home soon. Hearing this, Iel becomes uncomfortable and doubtful of that thought of going home. She does not seem to want to leave with such a bad taste in her mouth, or going back with the same low class ability as she went in with. Lispen comes into the scene, saying he has been looking all over for Lidusis.

Orphell then announces to the school that they are to move to the Central Tower and follow the Tower's orders from here on out. Some professors seem to not accept this idea, but Orphell re-highlights the situation.

Blow makes his way back ot Helios while remembering what happened a couple minutes ago, where Dio warns Blow of his safety and how he must be careful when around Lispen, the traitor. As Blow arrives at the school, he sees Master being taken away by the Tower.

Translation Note

  • There was a mistake where Kielnode's MAGICIAN name, Danterous, was said to be his Demon name. He does NOT have a Demon name, Danterous is his Magician name.
  • There was another mistake where Lispen was described as a Demon / Magician of Speed, What it actually said was "The Artian's EXCLUSIVE magician". The character used for this word can mean "Exclusive" or "Speed" among other things, which is what caused this confusion to occur.

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