Chapter 112
Chapter 112

Yong Yong

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Chevel is having an informative chat with his father about the incident. Chevel is asked about the Black Magician, which causes Chevel to wonder why. It is then revealed that Blow is being accused and held responsible for the mess. This then causes Chevel to doubt things.

It is revealed that Rubymonter came to the human world because of a traitor who stole a power what was rightfully hers. Other than for this reason, she would have never came. It seems like the traitor hid the power, which causes Blow to remember Lidusis. After some more explaining, Ruby decides that in return for the explanation, she has the right to identify him. She was about to do so when Dio transforms and hauls Blow away once again. Blow wants to return to Helios, But Dio will not allow it. Blow then escapes his clutches but he is then caught again, Dio is then tells him to not go for his own safety. Blow attempts to show Dio that he is human, and questions Dio's actions, which baffles him. Dio then tears up, which causes Blow to become speechless.

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