Chapter 111
Chapter 111

Yong Yong

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Dio seems to be headed to a location outside of the Tower's barrier, but for some reason, Dio's transformation is undone. After they have landed on the ground, Blow asks them to explain everything. However, Rubymonter wants to confirm something before she tells her story, so she walks towards him. Dio is displeased by this action so he pulls Blow back before she can pay her hands on him. Ruby then tells Dio that he might have confused things, telling him that this could all be part of the traitor's plan. Dio then tells Blow that he will explain things.

Back with the students, Iel and Lidusis look for Rood Chrishi, but it seems like he is no where to be found. Iel then ask about the Black Magician, to which the Tower magician turns his head to. This causes worry to wash over Iel's and Lidusis' face. His brother then asks where Lispen has gone, and tells them he must be punished for not staying to protect Lidusis.

Lispen seems to have slain some Tower magicians and as he looks up, his eyes turn demonic.

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