Chapter 110
Chapter 110

Yong Yong

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The chapter starts off with Mikel calling for a new order.

Blow argues with Dio about his ability to close the [Door], but Dio becomes affectionate and intimate with Blow, which annoys him. Rubymonter orders her gang to immediately go to Dio, and the 'Mana puppet' disappears. Before they start to move, Dio already swoops in and grabs onto Gamode's tail, hauling them away. Dio tells them they're going back, but while Dio is flying, Mikel manages to put a tracking spell on him.

Shicmuon becomes rebellious, but is subdued by his fellow Association members, who acted upon Lanoste's orders. It seems like Lanoste was too curious and secretly tagged along. He then disables Shicmuon's awakening, and tells everyone that they will be leaving.

It turns out Mikel's new order was to arrest Master for his crimes from 8 years prior.

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