Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Yong Yong

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Ben Noa attempts to send his letters to his sister who is attending Helios but the woman at the post office refuses because he does not have an authorization certificate. Just then, Rood shows up and presents the woman his certificate, telling her to send his bags along with the letters.

In a classroom at Helios, the students are discussing about the new transfer student but chatter ceases when Lidusis walks in.

In a flashback, Master explains to Rood that he has passed the entrance exam with a perfect score despite the fact that Rood had not taken the test. He is informed that the supposed reason he is a month late was due to his "chronic illness", even though Rood does not have one and the true reason being because the Master had only just told him about the school application. 

Presently, Rood wonders about how he is supposed to accomplish his mission with such a pretentious reputation. He then resolves to finish the mission as quickly as possible so that he may return.

The professor escorting Rood to his classroom explains that at Helios, the only thing that matters is talent.  However, most of the students are unable to become magicians and consequently fall into depression. The professor then asks Rood what he will do if he cannot overcome his limits. He surprises the teacher by saying that if he could not do it despite trying so hard, then he would just have to quit. The professor then welcomes him to Helios.


Characters in order of appearance

1. Ben Noa

2. Rood Chrishi

3. Iel

4. Dio Varus

5. Lin Noa

6. Lidusis

7. Kielnode Chrishi (flashback)

8. Ren (flashback)

9. Professor Heil

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