Chapter 108
Chapter 108

Yong Yong

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The students are ordered to move towards the other magician's locations for safety. Lidusis, his brother, and Iel meet up with Lapis, Anna Berev, and Chevel. They then interaction with small talk, and during this chat, Chevel seems to defend Lidusis in his own way. Lidusis recalls the time his brother offered to help his friends, which happened not too long ago. This gives him enough courage to stand up for himself.

Blow, Master, and Shicmuon are still at the Araveks's location. Master bursts out and tells Blow to leave the place, he also says he has gathered enough mana stones to last him for his escape. Dio sees how Araveks has calms down, and comes to a conclusion. He then transforms and heads towards Blow.

Blow rejects Master's decision and before he can tell Master what he thinks, Dio swoops in and grabs him, flying away.

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