Chapter 106
Chapter 106

Yong Yong

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Lidusis and his brother are observing the situation, and the brother comments on how danger it is and how they need to leave. Iel agrees with the brother, and tries to convince Lidusis as well. Suddenly, his brother asks him if he wants to save his other friends.

Shicmuon and Blow attempt to destroy Aravesk, only to come to the conclusion that it's a mana absorbing demon. While confirming this, Blow manages to step on top of Van's colleague's avatar, which turns out to transfer all sensations to the wielder. Van then uses the avatar to tell Blow that they have ensured the student's safety and then goes on to ask him to handle everything else. Master, displeased with Van's request, jumps in to insult the latter. Master also seems to have gathered a full bag of manastones.

Blow and Shic witness the demon's eyeball tear up, which confuses the two. At the same time, Elzeble throws up the 'Mana puppet', who comments about a [King].

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