Chapter 105
Chapter 105

Yong Yong

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Blow attempts to utilize Shicmuon's mana in order to close the [Door], but determines that it is still not enough. He then attempts to taunt Shic in order for him to obtain more mana. Seeing this, the other magicians are amazed by a first rank magician's power.

The Tower Magicians currently are trying to confirm everyone's safety, while Mikel is standing there amazed by the sight. At the same time, the professors seem to also be amazed, praising the amount of mana that has been exhausted.

Blow struggles to gain enough Mana, but Rubymonter just grins. An eye is then seen forming from the [Door], which gains a negative reaction from the crowd. Dio confirms that the demon is from the [Roots] of the demons world, Aravesk.

Blow questions why it is opening, when they have already used so much mana on it. Shic then attempts to spar with Blow, while attempting to brush off the situation. Van then interrupts Shic, using his colleagues powers. Van informs the two of the current situation, and tries to stop Shic, but failed. Rubymonter orders the demon to get rid of the 'pests', and it obeys. While fighting one another, Shic and Blow comes to the conclusion of working together.

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