Chapter 104
Chapter 104

Yong Yong

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Blow asks Orphell if the [Door] can be destroyed by a series of strong attacks, which to the answer was positive. However, Mikel believes that this to be a new type of method for opening the [Door], so it will not be destroyed so easily. To this thought, he smirks.

Lin tries to escape with Dio but Dio stops them both. He tries to degrade the human race in an attempt of shaking her off. However, she does not back down because she says he saved them. Dio then declares that he will be getting rid of the [Dio Varus] name, rendering this a no longer existent person or name. He then attempts to say his goodbye to Lin, but was stopped by Tessiana.

Shicmuon is currently attacking Blow, while Blow requests that Orphell teleports him near the [Door]. Since Orphell was stubborn, Mikel agreed to do it instead. He did this because he is interested to see how the event will unfold, and want no obstacles in the way. This annoyed Shicmuon, who then attacks. At the same time, Van and his colleague observe Shic's actions. Blow determines that he is using too much mana for his natural regeneration to keep up. Due to this, he decides to end this as fast as he can. He is then mixed in with Shic's mana.

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