Chapter 103
Chapter 103

Yong Yong

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Lidusis is asked by his brother about his well being, but he confronts him about his reasons for coming. Iel then disrupts the two while carrying an unconscious classmate.

Blow wonders why there has been no change in the [Door]'s condition even though they have struck it with mana several times. Shicmuon clashes with Blow and the two fight it out. While watching the fight between the two magicians, Orphell tells Mikel that they need to stop the fight. However, Mikel retorts by asking if they are even able to subdue something of that caliber.

Van panics over the situation regarding Shicmuon, and his partner from the Association comments on the situation and Shic's behavior.

Dio worries about Rood, which distracts him from the Tower's attack. Luckily, Lin was there to save him. Carmille blocks the Tower's magicians as they try to peruse the runaways, and Professor Rowell joins in with a slash of ice. She then tells them that the Princess has given orders to value the students over all else. Meanwhile, Marquis Hadelio and his men are thinking about making their move.

Back to the fight between Blow and Shic, Blow tries to escape by going towards Orphell and Mikel. Shic then begins to unleash what seems to be a big attack, which makes Orphell wonder that sort of relationship the two have.

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