Chapter 102
BH 102
Chapter 102

Yong Yong

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Blow uses his mana to get a higher standing. Shicmuon, who followed him is told they need to work together.

Mikel is furious at Shicmuon for blasting him, and says he is the same as always. Orphell requests to Mikel that they should help, but is turned down. It seems that Mikel wants to observe and gain insight from the event.

Shicmuon refuses Blow's suggestion of working together and instead, starts attacking. Blow manages to reroute Shicmuon's attack towards the [Door], which pleases him. However, Rubymonter states that a [Door] opened by a person such has herself cannot easily be taken down.

Dio turns back to his human form and in his mind, he believes the only person who can stop the [Door] from opening is "that person".

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