Chapter 101
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Chapter 101

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!!! = Translation Note(s).


Rood Chrishi was dumbfounded as Shicmuon attacks the Tower Magician. They called Shicmuon crazy saying that he's attacking his allies instead of helping them. Shicmuon says he has no allies.

The Tower Magicians sees it as a declaration of war against the Tower and says how Lanoste has gone crazy!!! after sending Shicmuon in Helios even though he's a 1st rank. Rood tries to stop the fight when the magicians and Shicmuon clashed. Rood was able to stop them with his powers even when he is not in awakened form.

The 4th Master asks Professor Orphell if the Black Magician is truly in Helios. Orphell ascertain him that the latter is indeed in within Helios but the exact location is unknown. Orphell worries about the seal but the 4th Master sets it aside and says he wanted to meet the Black Magician.

Rood was shocked to see his mana reacting and decided to fight the Tower Magicians. Shicmuon who looked pleased asks Rood if he's trying to awaken and the latter replied to him 'of course.' Shicmuon started to summon many magic circles, this time hitting both Rood and the Tower Magicians. He awakened as Blow and the 4th Master finds the latter, telling Orphell that they don't need to find him anymore seeing Blow flying to the [Door] made by Rubymonter.

Shicmuon follows Blow, telling him that they should setting things as he had said and try to kill him. The latter reiterates that it was back then and tells Shicmuon to just shut up and follow him. Magic circles appears in front of Rood and he steps on it, as he trails to the direction of the 4th Master who was hit by Shicmuon's magic while Rood just skip next to behind him.

Translation Note

There are some mistranslations such as when the magician of the tower says "President of Lanoste". It actually says "Lanoste of the Association". The word used for "president" and "association" is similar so it can go either way, but the word "association" would be more favorable in this case.

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