Chapter 100
Chapter 100

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Due to Dio's action where he protected the students, he was able to gain Rood's trust. The Tower's magicians were baffled by a magician (Rood) acting on their own accord, however, it is revealed by Lispen that the person under the tower's robe was not one of their own. It was then that it was declared a 2nd grade situation, meaning all magicians besides royalty that are under rank 2 are to listen to the tower's orders, namely, Mikel's orders.

It is then revealed that some students will be used as bait to capture Dio. Rood, in response to this, says a [Door] is about to be opened and that capturing Dio should be the least of their worries.

Mikel tells Orphell about how he wants to see the [Door] open with his own two eyes, however, Orphell must disagree and insists on finding a way to close the [Door]. However, Mikel says that the only way to close it is for 2 rank 1 magicians to attack it, and with that said, he reminds Orphell that they do not have such resources at the moment.

Rood is thinking about his bounded powers and soon figures that a strong external force might be able to break the hold. With the Tower's magicians pestering him on his identity, Rood, instead of giving a name, calls out to Shicmuon. Shicmuon appears and is irked by Rood to attack him.

Orphell retorts by telling Mikel that they do have another rank 1 magician, Opion's Black Magician.

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