Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Yong Yong

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Duchess Dayner explains that her second son is being called a "Monster" and is bullied at school. Her mission request is to let her son have a normal school life and to protect him.

After she leaves, Rood starts yelling at Master for introducing him while in his Rood form. His yelling is cut short when Master hands him his Helios acceptance letter which Rood stares at in shock. Abruptly, he hands the letter back to Master, grabs his backpack, and declares that he is quitting Opion which causes the Master to panic. Ms Ren walks in right when they are in the middle of a scene and forces them to sit down and talk things over.

Rood is depressed that Ms Ren also knew about the plan and both try to convince him to go. Ms Ren tells Rood that it's his choice. Rood finally agrees after much thought. Master tells him that he will have to lay low and hide the fact that he is an official magician who has finished awakening.

Rood shuffles through the Duchess' data and pulls out a picture of an intimidating looking boy. Placing the picture on the table, he asks if that was the bully, only to be told that it was a picture of the duchess' son, Lidusis Dien Artian.


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1. Kielnode Chrishi

2. Duchess Dayner Artian

3. Fran

4. Rood Chrishi

5. Lispen

6. Ren

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