Black Haze Community Portal

Welcome to the Black Haze Wikia! We are in need of everyone's help.

This Community is made for you to get started. By being active; adding information, correcting spelling errors, creating pages, etc., this wiki can improve greatly.

For you to be able to access more features while editing, you will need to log in or create an account. When you have an account, you can do much more in comparison to editing as a guest.

You may want to read this tutorial to get started and here are some extra help pages: this and this.

Pages That Need To Be Updated

These pages are in need of updates when available:

  • Story Arcs (The arcs linked on this page)
  • Chapters (The chapters with the ° mark next to them)
  • Terms (Add new terms when things found only within the Black Haze universe is introduced)
  • Characters (Update when new info about the character's arise. Depending on which character(s) you are updating, you might need to be logged in and have contributed for a certain amount of days)
Pages That Need To Be Improved

These pages are in need of improvement:

  • Locations (Improve design and possibly add new info for the locations within this category if any new info arises)
  • Organizations (Improve design and possibly add new info for the organizations within this category if any new info arises)

There was vandalism not too long ago, which is why the more popular pages and all the templates have been protected from anons in order to prevent any future destruction.

For now, other than the templates, the pages that have been protected, such as Rood Chrishi's profile page, Helios' page, etc., can be edited once you have logged in or made an account, and have gone passed the 'New Editor' stage.

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