Auction House Arc
Auction House Arc
Auction House Arc



3 - 7

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Rood and Ren enters the auction house to take on a mission of humiliating a class 3 playboy magician named Cloak.[1]

[Shajan's Heart], a high class mana stone is introduced as the main item and Lanoste's Dog along with Shicmuon from the Magician's Association are there to protect it.[2]

Since Shicmuon is targeting Blow, he had to fine a distraction. The perfect opportunity came when Tessiana came in.[3] Over the course of time, Blow manages to get away from Shicmuon and attempts to pick up where he left off with his mission but is interfered once again.[4]

Strangely, demons start to appear out of summoning circles. It ends with Blow, Ren, Lapis, and Rune teleporting away together and Shicmuon, out of rage, blowing up the entire building.[5]



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